Nature Strips

A nature strip is the strip of land located within a road reserve, between a property boundary and the adjacent roadway. Nature strips add to the amenity of the local area, aid pedestrian movement, and also provide a space for footpaths, trees, street furniture or utilities (gas, water, telecommunications, power etc).

When people become interested in gardening they often feel that just having a bit of uninteresting lawn outside their home is a bit boring. Wildlife gardeners see an opportunity to make more wildlife habitat.

Moorabool Council has developed some guidelines for those interested in adding some plants to the nature strip and these mainly cover safety and visibility. Check with Council before you begin planting.

One of the main things to consider is not having tall or prickly plants or ones that will become weedy. We don't want weed seeds getting into gutters and washing into waterways.

Here is a list of some low growing local plants to consider. See photos below. You will have to do your own research to make sure the plants you choose are suitable for your area.

Groundcovers & Wildflowers

Acacia aculeatissima Thin-leaf Wattle 30cm x 1m

Acaena novae-zelandiae Bidgee-widgee Prostrate x 1m

Ajuga australis Austral Bugle 30cm x spreading

Atriplex semibaccata Creeping saltbush prostrate x 2m

Bossiaea prostrata Creeping Bossiaea prostrate x 1m

Brachyscome dentata Lobe-seed Daisy 30cm x 30cm

Brachyscome multifida Cut-leaf Daisy 20cm x 50cm

Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine Lily 10cm x 30cm

Calocephalus citreus Lemon Beauty-heads 10-30cm x 30cm-1m

Calocephalus lactueus Milky Beauty-heads 10-30cm x 10-30cm

Calotis scapigera Tufted Burr-daisy 10-20cm x spreading

Carpobrotus modestus Inland Pigface 10cm x 1-2m

Carpobrotus rossii Karkalla 10cm x 1m

Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common Everlasting 20cm x 50cm

Coronidium scorpioides Button Everlasting 30cm x 30cm

Craspedia variabilis Common Billy-buttons 30-50cm

Dichondra repens Kidney-weed Prostrate x 1m

Einadia hastata Saloop 50cm x 50cm

Einadia nutans Nodding Saltbush 20cm x 1m

Enchylaena tomentosa var. tomentosa Ruby Saltbush

Eutaxia microphylla Small-leaved Eutaxia prostrate x 1m

Kennedia prostrata Running Postman prostrate x 1m

Myroporum parvifolium Creeping Boobialla 10cm x 1m

Pelargonium australe Austral Stork’s-bill 50cm x 50cm

Pelargonium rodneyanum Magenta Stork's-bill 30cm x 50cm

Scaevola aemula Fan Flower 20cm x 50cm

Stylidium graminifolium Grass Trigger-plant 30cm x 30cm

Viola hederacea Ivy-leaf or Native violet 10cm x 1m

Vittadenia sp. New Holland Daisy 20cm x 30cm

Wahlenbergia sp. Bluebell 30cm x 30cm

Grasses & Clumps

Choris truncata Windmill Grass 30cm x 1m

Dianella amoena Matted Flax-lily 20-30 x 30cm

Dianella revoluta var. revoluta Black-anther Flax-lily 50cm x Spreading

Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club-sedge 50cm x 50cm

Lomandra filiformis Wattle Mat-rush 50cm x 30cm

Lomandra multiflora Many-flowered Mat-rush 30cm x 30cm

Lomandra nana Small Mat-rush 15cm x 10-20cm

Microlaena stipoides Weeping Grass 30cm x 50cm

Poa morrisii Velvet Tussock-grass 50cm x 50cm

Poa sieberana Tussock-grass 30cm x 30cm

Rytidosperma caespitosum Common Wallaby-grass 40cm x 40cm

Rytidosperma geniculatum Kneed Wallaby-grass 15cm x 15cm

Rytidosperma racemosum Clustered Wallaby-grass 20cm x 20cm

Rytidosperma setaceum Bristly Wallaby-grass 30cm x 30cm

Stylidium graminifolium Grass Trigger-plant 30cm x 30cm

Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass 50cm x 50cm

Acacia aculeatissima Thin-leaf Wattle

Acaena novae-zelandiae Bidgee-widgee

Ajuga australis Austral Bugle

Bossiaea prostrata Creeping Bossiaea

Brachyscome multifida Cut-leaf Daisy

Bulbine bulbosa Bulbine Lily

Calocephalus citreus Lemon Beauty-heads

Calocephalus lactueus Milky Beauty-heads

Calotis scapigera Tufted Burr-daisy

Carpobrotus modestus Inland Pigface

Chrysocephalum apiculatum Common Everlasting

Coronidium scorpioides Button Everlasting

Craspedia variabilis Common Billy-buttons

Dianella revoluta var. revoluta Black-anther Flax-lily

Dianella amoena Matted Flax-lily

Dichondra repens Kidney-weed

inadia hastata Saloop

Einadia nutans Nodding Saltbush

Enchylaena tomentosa var. tomentosa Ruby Saltbush

Eutaxia microphylla Small-leaved Eutaxia

Kennedia prostrata Running Postman

Myroporum parvifolium Creeping Boobialla

Myroporum parvifolium Creeping Boobialla

Pelargonium australe Austral Stork’s-bill

Pelargonium rodneyanum Magenta Stork's-bill

Scaevola aemula Fan Flower

Viola hederacea Ivy-leaf or Native violet

Vittadenia sp. New Holland Daisy

Choris truncata Windmill Grass

Ficinia nodosa Knobby Club-sedge

Lomandra filiformis Wattle Mat-rush

Microlaena stipoides Weeping Grass

Poa morrisii Velvet Tussock-grass

Stylidium graminifolium Grass Trigger-plant

Themeda triandra Kangaroo Grass

Rytidosperma caespitosum Common Wallaby-grass